Monday, December 11, 2006

Monday Misc. and weekend recap

It's Monday, and back to the grind Everyone decided to sleep late this morning, which was unusual. By late, I mean that Little monkey did not begin his morning singing until 6:45 a.m. And Miss Mina slept through until 4:00 a.m. After a snack, she went back to sleep until 8:00. Quite unusual, but it was a welcome relief. I almost felt refreshed this morning. I felt a lot more refreshed after my coffee though. Some things never change.

Highlights of the weekend?

- Old Monkey's Saturday Night Pasta. Yay!

- Finding a winter coat I love at Century 21. Yay! Hearing the sales check out person say she planned to buy the same one for herself ... ummm.. not so yay.

- Finally getting another set of pillows for the bed. This means I can prop myself up comfortably to read for my mandatory "five minutes before I go to bed." This is a rule I made for myself back when I was in law school. Day after day of scholastic drudgery left me so burnt out at the end of the night, I never had the energy to read for pleasure. This seriously depressed me, since I love to read. So, I took the advice of a wiser soul, and set aside a minimum of five minutes every night, before I went to sleep, and read something - anything -the more mindless, the better, as long as it was for my enjoyment and not a law book. The habit has stuck.

- Fixing the shower water hose. Hurray, home ownership! Old Monkey is becoming a better handy-man with every passing weekend. Good thing I have a long list of projects to keep him occupied.

- Putting the tree up. Yay! Spending the next day and a half saying, "No Touch," to Little monkey ... not so yay.

- Getting a confirmation email from Shutterfly that our holiday cards will be in this week ... Yay! Writing down a list of recipients and then realizing I am about 30 cards short .... not so yay.

How can I embarrass my children? Oh let me count the ways.
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