Saturday, December 09, 2006

Office merriment

This week, the monkeys were lucky enough to be invited to their first ever holiday office party. Dressed in their finest, they headed into Manhattan to celebrate the season. Miss Mina opted for a traditional Yuletide plaid frock, trimmed with black velvet and matching bow on a headband. Though you can't see them in this picture, she also is sporting some festive red party shoes and black micro-fiber baby hosiery.

I opted for whatever had the least amount of baby puke on it. But I did manage to add earrings. Voila, festive!

First stop -Monkey Sr.'s office. Here, the little man got to see what his father does all day.

That's right! Play with post-it notes and doodle with pink highlighter on legal pads. What fun!

While the Little monkey continued to tabulate his billable hours, Miss Mina mingled with the other guests.

Here she is with Chad, smiling pretty.

And here she is with Kristen, striking a more subdued model pose.

While his sister worked the crowd, Little monkey spent his time interacting with other species. On his travels through the corridors, he encountered a Mickey...

And an Elmo...

He paused long enough for a quick bite to eat. You know it's time to call it a night when the popcorn runs out.

It was a great party - fun people, plenty of things to keep the tots amused, loads of sugar, costume characters, balloons, and even parting gifts for the little people. We look forward to Monkey Sr. remaining gainfully employed so as to celebrate again next year.
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