Friday, December 15, 2006

Psst...hey you...what you got there?

Miss Mina sampled her first taste of solid food this week. Judging from the reaction, I am hoping that she will not share her brother's pickiness. She LOVED herself some rice cereal, and opened her mouth up like a baby bird wanting some more. Bring on the sweet potatoes!

Please, please, please God...let this child not be a picky eater. I know, I was a picky eater. I KNOW that. My mother never fails to mention it to me whenever I complain about J. Somewhere, up there, the karmic wheels of justice are turning, and recasting me in the role my own poor mother was forced to endure for years. I KNOW I rejected most of the food she spent hours slaving away to make. I KNOW all I ate was bread and mashed potatoes. But least I ate those TWO things. All the monkey eats is air.


You don't want your dinner? More for me! Bwahhh ha! Ha!
Oh..and nice hat.
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