Thursday, January 04, 2007

2006 recap

At the start of the new year, I enjoy tv shows devoted to listing the best that the year had to offer ... the best movies of the year, the most noted celebrity smack-downs, the best and worst dressed, etc.

In our small corner of the world, we had a pretty memorable year too. Here's a pictorial.

January 2006 kicked off with a bang of a birthday party. Jordan turned one!

The monkey was also invited to several other birthday parties. He had so much fun at them all, his face almost froze in this goofy expression you see here.

January was also the one year anniversary of Jordan's heart transplant. Here, news reporter Ellyn Marks interviews the Monkey live. She is forced to compete with the charms of the zoom-zoom helicopter with spinning propeller though. Sorry, Ellyn.

February smacked us good with the first real blizzard of the winter season. Monkey, Sr. demonstrates the proper way to catch a snowflake on your tongue. True to form, little monkey shows no interest in allowing any item of potential nutritional value to touch his lips.

The cold weather days of winter really chilled out the monkey.

February was also the month we got to get a good look at the new monkey-on-the way. Here, Miss Mina models the 20-week pose in utero.

In March, we commenced Operation Sippy Cup, wherein the Little Monkey was torn from his bottle cold turkey. His reaction is clear.

March was also warm enough for play dates in Battery Park. The two monkeys enjoy some father-son bonding.

April is a good a time as any for a family portrait. The Children's Hospital sent a photographer over for some pics to use in their annual report.

April soccer star in the making. World Cup on tv and Oscar and Monkey square off in the back yard.

In May, the monkey discovered the sprinkler and Oscar was temporarily forgotten.

Ahhh..the official kick off to the backyard barbeque season began over Memorial Day Weekend. Little Monkey chugs a cold one while his partner in crime cheers him on.

June - what better way to spend Father's Day than learning how to swim?

June was not so fun when Monkey caught a bad bug that landed him in the hospital. Several very unpleasant days followed. But when he returned home, his smile slowly returned.

July was the final stretch of waiting for our new arrival to be born. Monkey was on the edge of his seat with anticipation.

July 15, 2006 - Miss Mina makes her debut.

In August, she got to spend the whole month with Monkey, Sr. at home on paternity leave. Doesn't she look thrilled?

September - we finally take our first vacation in years. Little Monkey had a blast.

The balmy beach days brought out the reflective side in all of us.

october rolled around and fall was in the air. Time for Halloween play dates and pumpkin picking.

When friends come over, we learn about sharing.

You're never too young to get into the spirit of Halloween, especially when you're too little to have a say in the matter.

November - bring on the turkey! Not content with one holiday meal, we decided to have two Thanksgivings. Seems right. We have quite a bit to be thankful for.

And finally - December. The Monkey is showered with holiday gifts, some of which he is forced to wear on the spot for my amusement.

December meant more fun parties, tree trimmings, and hanging out with friends.

It's been a really great year. With two monkeys under two - you know there is never a dull moment.

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