Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Le artiste...

creativity in progress

The artist steps back for a closer look. Don't be fooled by the the appearance of his closed eyes. He relies on his inner vision to guide him.

Monkey had his first offical art class today at the town rec center. And it was great!! The art teacher, who in her spare time also manages to run all the infant and toddler gym classes, and the music classes in town, and be a mom to two children of her own - happens to be a favorite of the little monkey. When he sees her, he breaks out into his trademark cheesy grin. I can't say enough good things about her because she has an amazing ability to connect with kids right away.

Today's art project was based on the book - "Chicka Chicka Boom-Boom." This is a story of a whole bunch of alphabet letters climbing up a palm tree. Overburdened with the weight, the tree gives way and they all come crashing down. BOOM! (I'll leave the sound effects to your imagination. But trust me, when I say, that the ten little toddlers huddled around the table got a real kick out of this part.)

After the teacher finished reading the story, we dove into the art supplies to replicate our own palm tree and creeping letters. Armed with paint, glue, and letters of all colors, we got to work. Monkey had a blast. And, ok, I'll 'fess up - I really, really had fun. This class is rocking my world in a way that toddler gym just can't match. There is something to be said for playing with paint, glue and alphabet pasta to brighten your day.

The most amusing part? Monkey attempted to eat the baby pasta letters, while he was gluing them down. This cracks me up only in the most black humor sort of way. If the pasta was actually cooked and flavored with butter or cheese or tomato sauce he would steadfastly ignore it. Cover it with glue and it suddenly strikes his fancy. I made a half-hearted attempt to stop him from eating the glue pasta, but paused for just a brief moment as I considered the potential caloric intake of the letters.
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