Friday, January 19, 2007

Two .. it's a wonderful number.

Jordan turned two years old today without any fanfare, television cameras, or newspaper headlines. And I was really glad. The sheer ordinariness of it brought me more comfort than I care to admit. He turned two years old today like any other kid, like millions of other toddlers out there who turn two years old. And like many other mothers, I paused for a moment to look at him and wonder how the time passed so quickly. It's the ordinary days that I embrace because each one allows me to believe that my little guy, who started his life off as a medical miracle, may one day grow up to be a man. With a little bit of luck, and some work on our part, I hope he will grow up to be a good and decent man. That's all I want. No headlines. No fanfare. I just want him to be a decent human being who embraces the life that he's been blessed with.

If I could wish anything for him today - his birthday, I'd wish for the obvious - a long, healthy life. I'd wish him lasting happiness and joy. I'd wish him love of another, the love of a family. I'd wish that he retain the exuberance that he posseses at two. I'd wish that he tackled life with the same determination he shows when he climbs down the steep stairs from his bedroom. I hope he keeps his sense of adventure and his sense of humor. This is one child who knows how to crack himself up. Yesterday, as we prepared for bath time, he helped undress himself, then stood in front of the full-length mirror of the bathroom. He looked at himself in the mirror with an enormous grin on his face. "Boy," I thought to myself. "I wish I had that kind of positive self-image."

Just as I was pondering this, he stepped to the right, out of sight of the mirror reflection.

"Where's Jordan?" he asked. And looked at me.

Then, leaping back into the sightline of the mirror - he jumped.

"'dere he is!" he lisped, in his baby voice, and proceeded to laugh hysterically. His reflection laughed back at him; and I choked back the lump that formed in my throat.

My monkey is such a happy little guy. And today he turned two years old. Happy birthday little man. In two short years, you have brought so many smiles to my face. Thank you for that.
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