Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What you need is a montage..

of birthday party (weekend) details. So, without further ado, here is how monkey and friends celebrated the two year milestone.

Miss Mina started celebrating the minute she got to wear her brand new dress.

Here, she poses with her best supermodel far - away - gaze.

While his sister mingled in the party room, the monkey braved the wild jungle known as "Kid's Kingdom." Animal kingdom, is what it felt like ... but the little ones seemed to have fun. Monkey's intense basketball game rendered him oblivious to his falling pants.

The monkey made an appearance in the party room long enough to ascend his polka-dot throne.

Where he discussed important topics of state with both Grandmas.

And, of course, ate more chocolate cake.

The party was well attended. Miss Mina hung out with family.

Other honored guests floated in too.

And were warmly welcomed.

The partying wore this mommy out. Geesh..Grandma B, how'd you manage with three kids???

Enough whining! Bring on the presents!

Here's what was in the box. Err...I should clarify. Here's what it looked like an hour and a half after Michael took it out of the box to assemble.

That's right my friends, see the number back there? 115 ... pieces that is.

All kidding aside, this trainset really rocked. I know. I got to play with it when the monkey took his nap.

While Monkey thrilled to his new toys, Miss Mina enjoyed some favorites.

But then he returned.

And shared. Kind of.
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