Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

After yet another week of healthy eating, working out, and no sleep, I threw caution to the wind and decided to round up the brood for a meal out. What better way to celebrate Superbowl Sunday than by indulging in a true American gastronomical delicacy? That's right, people - barbeque! Dinosaur Bar-B-Que to be exact.

Many thanks to my favorite daddy blogger for putting the idea into my head. As he wrote, it "may just be the best barbeque this side of the Carolinas." Enough said.

Off to Harlem we went.

With the menu laid out before us, Miss Mina and I felt our mouths begin to water. Hers leaked out onto her chin, but was easily mopped up by the folds of her jaunty, pink scarf.

Even Little monkey could not resist, and licked his chops in anticipation. For those considering venturing out to eat with the little ones, this restaurant was a perfect spot to dine. Large, loud, and filled with every manner of visual distraction necessary to guarantee peace at the table.

Miss Mina took the opportunity to demonstrate her bottle holding skillz. Good times, people. Good times, indeed.

But alas, all tasty things must come to an end. Back on the wagon today.

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