Sunday, February 18, 2007

Land of the Lost

Like many of my generation, Saturday mornings held a special place in my heart. This was back in the day before 24-hour kiddie programming, ala Nickelodeon, Disney or Noggin. Saturday mornings were the penultimate day for television cartoon gluttony. There were at least a good three hours of cartoons before Solid Gold came on.

Although not exactly a cartoon, one of my all time favorite late 70's shows was "Land of the Lost." Dinosaurs, crystals, time travel, "sleestacks," interspecies conflict resolution ... it was a pretty sophisticated show for its target audience.

Alas, these days, cartoons and their like are on night and day. There's no Saturday morning School House Rock to look forward to, no Superfriends, no Land of the Lost. But we still have dinosaurs to play with. As Miss Mina recently discovered.

Some dinosaurs have a way of sneaking up on you when you least expect them.

La, la, la ...Miss Mina is happily minding her own business, oblivious to the harm approaching her.

She turns ....

Ah! Hit by a two-horned creature!

She responds in the only way she knows how ... go for the weaker member of the pack.

And consume him! Head first! It's survival of the fittest, baby.

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