Saturday, March 03, 2007


I took a lot of pictures of Jordan during his first year. I tried to keep the digital camera charged up and accessible most of the time. Naturally, I missed plenty of great photo ops when he was doing the kind of goofy baby things you want to remember. But once, I did manage to get pictures of him when the light was just so, and his expression was just right, and it was totally unplanned.. It was a hot August afternoon, and I had him on the kitchen table. He was engrossed in figuring out the wonderous object in front of him - the napkin holder. This series of pictures is among my favorite.

Fast forward .. February 2007. My little guy is now two years old. Seen in the winter light, the effect is a little different. In some ways, he's changed. The baby fat seems to have melted off, his features have come out, he's gotten taller. But his quintessential nature remains the same. Intent on what he's doing, curious, and thoughtful - here he plays with his train set while I snap away.

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