Monday, March 05, 2007

No two snowflakes are alike...

And neither are two siblings. Having two kids so close in age together (sigh) is an ongoing learning experience (doesn't that sound diplomatic?). Having one kid makes me an expert on nothing other than that one kid. That's it. Having a second one right away doesn't guarantee me any easier time of it. As much as I'd like to believe I've got a head start on issues like sleep training, first year milestones, growth percentiles, and such, the truth is, I don't know anything. As Miss Mina reminds me, every kid is different. Take for example, the issue of eating.

I have reported ad nauseum, on Little Monkey's relationship with food. To sum it up for any new readers - if it ain't chocolate, it ain't worth it. While I can sympathize, I can't in good conscience support this type of lifestyle at this age. Miss Mina, on the other hand, approaches food with an entirely different attitude.

Bring it on, she says. Like ... now.

Miss Mina, unlike her brother, had an early interest in real food. I just follow her lead.

And it's taken us in some adventurous directions. I've given up trying to limit her exposure to new food in gradual, controlled ways. She's just beyond all that. These days, I just let her sample whatever we've got on the table. Beef stew? Check. Rice and beans? Sure. Pasta .. so last week. Avocado? Barely fazed her. She grunts in the direction of what attracts her eye, and I just spoon a bit into her mouth. Nine times out of ten, she'll eat it and look at me for more.

But, I guess that's part of the fun of having two kids. Apart from twice the number of diapers ... you also get twice the opportunities to observe little people grow up. Those endearing quirks that make us who we are develop at a young age, and it's fun to watch it unfold. So far, Miss Mina and Little Monkey are like night and day.

But we have a long road ahead of us. And I'm guessing the journey will be eventful.
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