Saturday, March 31, 2007

Oh, Florida!

We got back tonight from our trip to Florida. As our favorite exploradora likes to say, "We did it! (lo Hicimos!)"

Once you introduce children into the planning process known as vacationing, the complexity increases exponentially. In our case, the formula looks something like this:

where x = young, hyperactive monkey

2x(air travel) + (luggage) + (need to nap, eat, diaper changes, be entertained, clothed, bathed, and cuddled) - (ability to consume alcohol before 8:00 pm) + (nagging sense of responsibility that keeps one from leaving child unattended for prolonged periods of time) = ?

Math has never been my strong point, but you get the idea. As Monkey, Sr. likes to point out - with kids, there is no such thing as a "relaxing vacation." Much as I might wish otherwise, the concept is an oxymoron. And I'm just the moron for the job.

The only way to make the best of the situation is to surround yourself with like minded (long suffering) souls who understand your pain. Vacation with them, or better yet, vacation at their brand new home in the Florida beaches where the sun shines all day and the air wraps its balmy breezes around you with a welcoming hug.

So, that's what we did. We deposited ourselves, our kids, our diapers, luggage and toddler tantrums at the home of our favorite Floridians - the Perkins. In turn, they fed us, babysat our kids, took us to the beach, soaked us in their pool, in the hot tub, barbequed for us, tolerated our young monkey's food pickiness, our other monkey's food passions, our early morning wake up calls, our colds, our taste in movies, and our love of lounging around and talking about the kids after they go to bed. After a week of this, I'm thrilled to report that we're still on speaking terms!

Future posts will spell out more of the details of our week. For now, this tired and sun-kissed mom just wanted to say a quick thank you to two of the most generous and wonderful friends we could hope to have. We feel pretty honored to have gotten the chance to vacation at your beautiful home. Thanks for making it such a wonderful adventure.
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