Saturday, March 17, 2007


This week's snow storm hit us pretty hard. Once the snow and sleet finally ended, we began to dig ourselves out. Little monkey braved the polar conditions of the front yard long enough to discover a snowdrift which accumulated alongside the house.

"Oooh...mountain!" He said.

Yes, little monkey. For now - a mountain it may seem.

But I'm proud to say, he did climb it, slip down its soft incline, and scramble up to try again.

Pictures with Dada, taking a break from shovelling.

Who needs earmuffs when you have Ipod ear buds, eh, dada?

Overall, the storm wasn't that bad. We got hit harder last year. See..

And this is what Little Monkey and dada looked like then.

Yep, still the same red, frostbitten ears.
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