Sunday, April 15, 2007

Chopsticks, and Avocado, and Edamame... oh my!

Because he doesn't have enough in his cultural identity grab bag to keep him busy, I thought I'd add another variable to the equation. Here's one of my all time favorite cuisines, Little Monkey. Get used to seeing it on the table.

I assume that immunosuppressed children should probably avoid raw fish from questionable take out restaurants in Jersey. So, I didn't offer to share my sushi with him. Instead, I gave him the avocado salad and steamed edamame. He wanted the chopsticks. This is what he did with them.

That's right - use them to swirl his food around on the table until the particles disappeared or landed into the waiting mouth of our dog, hiding below. Don't worry about the table - it's covered in hideous green plastic table cloth because I have become that kind of mom. The plastic-table-cloth kinda mom.

I'm probably about a heartbeat away from being the plastic-covered-sofa kinda mom ...except that our sofa is really old. So, I just don't care enough to be bothered.

The sushi was really good though.
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