Sunday, April 08, 2007

Pesach, the little monkey way.

This weekend, we were lucky enough to be invited to cousin Cindy and Kenny's traditional yearly Seder.

From near and far, we descended upon the Sperling compound. This year, we looked forward to the ever growing assortment of little ones.
They even had their own table, which cousin Cindy thoughtfully stocked with "ten-plague finger puppets" and corrosponding masks.

Cousin Sherry was kind enough to demonstrate the proper order of plagues for Little monkey. Just keep that "first born" one far away, thanks.

They feasted and made merry.

Over the years, I've been fortunate to enjoy a number of Passover meals with the gang. Each year brings a blend of the time-honored as well as the new.

Such as the traditional Seder plate.

the traditional serving of Gefilte fish ...

Little Monkey introduced this year's twist on the menu - the not so traditional serving of "Dora Crunchy Stars!" Kosher for Passover? Hmmmm...

Other traditions needed a little explaining to some of the newer members of the family. Miss Mina is still not sure about the traditional "watching of the golf game" before the meal thing. She'll learn.

She did enjoy playing with the cousins.

She shared some moments and toys with cousin Skylar.

And listened intently as cousin Maddie explained the importance of voting as a female cousin bloc for all important decisions that need to be made at the upcoming reunion.

Cindy and Kenny have an amazing ability to pull off the challenge of grouping and feeding an enormous assortment of big and little people. It's not always easy.

Yet they somehow pull it off with a combination of humor, grace and awesome toys.

Thanks again for having us over! We had so much fun!

ps - remember those four hour drop off playdates you mentioned, Cindy? Don't be surprised if you come home to two (new) monkeys in the playroom.

Just kidding. Sort of.
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