Friday, April 06, 2007

Post vacation letdown

The vacation afterglow has faded. My birthday pedicure has gotten its first chip. The balmy sunshine days of Florida stand in stark contrast to the chilly grey weather I see outside my window. And so, those post-vacation blues have kicked in.

Like condemned prisoners, the monkeys grimly faced the prospect of returning home. They felt my pain.

Now that we're back, how does one cheer herself up when it feels like the days will never warm up again?

Do I mope?
Do I pout?
Do I throw my monkey's toys about?


We go on adventures! We load ourselves up in the trusty silver minivan and head over to the land where the colors shine brightly - The Crayola Factory!

Did you know that Crayola has 150 different colors in its arsenal? I didn't and it didn't really matter. Our lack of knowlege didn't get in the way of having fun. And thus, those frowns were turned upside down once more.

Mission accomplished.
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