Thursday, April 19, 2007


Since Mina was born, I have struggled to take decent pictures of the two monkeys together. It's a harder task than you might imagine. They don't cooperate the way I want them to. It's like they think they have their own free will or something.

I've taken many pictures. Most of which never make their way to this site. But, I have found that even if the picture isn't blog worthy, the camera catches certain things.

Sometimes one seems fascinated by the other.

Sometimes, one amuses the other.

Other times, they tolerate each other, resigned to sharing the limited space they have in which to co-exist.

Life isn't always fair. Sometimes one of them gets the short end of the stick, or the room without a view.

Their personalities come out in different ways at different times. One might be feeling reflective, while the other just feels a little goofy.

At times, the spirit of cooperation produces some interesting shots. Can it be that one of them is learning from the other?

Even as we share adventures, each experiences it in his or her own way.

And that doesn't always mean getting along. Or posing nice for the camera.

But when they do, it's nice.

And it leaves me free to take a nap. My master plan is coming to fruition.
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