Wednesday, May 02, 2007

And the countdown begins.

This time tomorrow, I will be at the airport about to depart on my first ever, travel adventure without monkeys in tow. That's right - I will be by myself!!! For two whole nights!! I almost don't know whether to laugh or cry. The reason for this great adventure - my little bro's graduation from med school. Finally. The big day is arriving, and the clan is assembling to witness it live.

For various reasons, we decided it best to leave the little monkeys home this time in the care of their beloved dada, who will be assisted by a variety of experienced helpers. Don't worry too much about him. I think he's looking forward to my mini-break as much as I am.

So, back to me. Here's where I'm staying. I am so psyched!!! Notwithstanding the cheesy music on their website, I think the place looks pretty sweet. For two nights, I am going to get all posh and have my own room, with no baby monitors, no binkies, and no 6:00 am wake up calls. I will take endlessly long showers without fear of monkey mayhem. I vow not to get out of bed in the morning before 8:00 am. And I am actually going to read the morning paper with my complimentary breakfast without having to share it with anyone or listen to the sounds of Dora or Mickey Mouse in the background.

Friends are taking bets to see how long it will take before I crack and phone home. They underestimate me. I am going to be so Jack Bauer about this. As tortured as it may be, I will not break. I will just kick back with my laptop, next to the fireplace and breathe deeply.

The sounds of silence.

Waddaya mean, I can't come???
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