Monday, May 21, 2007

A Birthday in Brooklyn.

This weekend, we had a chance to celebrate a milestone birthday with our buddy Samantha. The birthday girl, dressed in petal pink with matching shoes (impressive) smiled pretty for the camera. The prospect of unlimited pizza and ice cream cake might be responsible for the wide-eyed anticipation you see here.

We weren't entirely sure what caused this star-struck look that Jordan was sporting. At first I thought he was mesmerized by the toys..or maybe the balloons .. Or maybe it was the sight of the birthday girl.

Nope. It was the birthday girl's mommy - Gina.

For Jordan, it was love at first sight. Perhaps you think I exaggerate. Let me put this scene in perspective. This is the lot of us sitting in a circle, singing along with "Janine," a songstress from Music Together. She helped lead us all in a rolicking hour of songs and dancing, play with instruments, etc. This is the kind of thing that normally has Jordan running in the opposite direction.

Except on this occasion.

He walked right over to Gina, and made himself comfortable for the duration, participated in the songs, the music, the play - as long as Gina was close at hand. Samantha was a pretty good sport about sharing her mommy. Danny, Samantha's dad, looks less thrilled.

Mina found her groove with the shakers, and needed no other diversion.

Up next ... cake!! Specifically, my favorite - ice cream cake!!! Yes! Have I ever mentioned my love of ice cream cake? And with crunchies? Oh yeah. Samantha had no need of any extra sweetness. After all, she was safely back in her mom's arms.

Jordan consoled himself with a plate or two of the good stuff. The pain of unrequited love is easily forgotten with a healthy serving of Carvel. Recharged, face covered in chocolate, he was ready to return to the playroom.

Jeff, a/k/a "dada" offered cake to Miss Mina, but she seemed more interested in something else.

Or maybe she just wanted a closer look at Joe's kicks.

She certainly enjoyed the cuddles.

They both had fun. We did too. Thanks for having us over Samantha! Happy Birthday!

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