Sunday, May 06, 2007

Buffalo mayhem

What does this...

Have in common ...

With this?

Absolutely nothing! Except, they both share a passing intimacy with the word "Buffalo."

Buffalo, NY is where I've spent the last few days, in celebration of my little bro's graduation from med school. That's right, ya'll. It's Doctor Riz now. Ya'll better recognize, yo!

He even got the piece of paper to prove it. In all fairness though, I never actually got to see what was written on it. I assume it was something along the lines of: "You made it! You're a real doctor now! Now, go get that medical malpractice insurance. No, really. Now."

The majority of the Family made it to Western New York for the occasion. Which brings up an interesting observation about families. We share more in common than we might realize. For example - the gene that produces a trait I call "techie-techie-ness." Here, both brothers exhibit its symptoms.

Other traits need more explaining. For example, my mum's insistence on taking a half hour to order from the menu. This particular trait is one that developed over time. Whereas once, we dreaded its manifestation, we now observe it with that endearing fondness reserved for infants and fuzzy animals at the zoo. It's gotten to be cute and amusing in its own way. We make up for it by tipping heavily.

On the subject of food, let me say, that a large part of this trip was consumed (ha ha) by the task of keeping ourselves well fed. That being said, our hosts - Riz and Tahera, deserve a hearty shout out for selecting a range of dining options that kept us all happy and full.

Kebab and Curry house was the scene of the graduation night celebrations.

Where Dallice made the act of eating a samosa look elegant. On the other hand, I inhaled mine so quickly, there was no opportunity for snaps ... which is probably a blessing for all involved.

I did manage to get an important picture preserved for posterity - my appetizer. The chaat papri. That hand reaching in across the horizon? That would be my bro ... "sharing."

Enough about the food. Let's talk about what really matters.
Dessert! That required a separate eating establishment altogether. In our case, we hit the famous - Butterwood's.

Another view...

And because I really have my priorities straight... here's a close up.

This is what it looks like plated with a side of doctor.

Here's what I ate - homemade chocolate almond ice cream.

At the end of the day, I went back to "My room."

It rocked.

I wholeheartedly recommend Mansion on the Delaware for anyone looking to indulge in a little bit of pampering. And I don't mean Pampers of the infant persuasion. Those monkeys stayed home with their dada. My itinerary: Day one - an in room massage. At night, turndown service with bedside candlelight and drinks in the library. Lux breakfast in the drawing room daily and WIFI access as well.

The view from my room - downtown.

On the subject of the monkeys. Don't feel too badly for them. They were well cared for. I hear they barely noticed I was gone.

They had exotic adventures of their own.

Which makes me very happy. I had a chance to relax and celebrate an important day. We're proud of you, Riz. You done good. Now, go and do no harm.

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