Wednesday, May 30, 2007

We like to travel light ... in theory.

We visited my folks upstate this weekend for a two-night stay. I packed for myself, Miss Mina, the Monkey, and Oscar - our dog. I was responsible for clothing, toiletries, diapers, medicines, food for mealtime consumption, food for the road, entertainment for the road, entertainment for the time in house, lotions and potions for myself and for the kids, various miscellaneous items like Binkeys (for Miss Mina only!! Woo-hoo!!), sippy cups, kid-sized eating utensils, stuffed animals, shoes, socks, blankets, the dog's poo bag, leash, bowls, and newspaper.

I did a good job too. Both monkeys had an assortment of day outfits, play clothes, and pajamas. They comfortably slept each night cuddled next to their favorite snuggly, with a soft blanket close at hand. Mina soothed herself with pacifiers when needed, and familiar toys were available for their amusement. The car ride was made marginally more bearable by the presence of chocolate munchkins, kaboom cookies, and dvds.

First on the list of packing priorities was the Monkey's medications. Thankfully, he only takes a couple, so no great sweat remembering those. Miss Mina decided to join in on the fun by picking up a cold and a case of pink eye before we left, so I added her meds to the lot. And of course, both monkeys have a diva's worth of lotions for their ultra sensitive skin - all of which came along in neatly packaged ziplock bags.

Most people think I have two children. The truth is, I have three. Our first child was not Jordan. It was our dog, Oscar. He came along, and required his own gear for the trip. Homemade food (long story), his bowls, his bag, his leash and his folded newspaper for poo patrol. (Don't ask.)

Where am I going with this post? Right here.

I forgot to pack underwear. For myself. Everyone else had all they needed. I had the choice of going commando, or hitting our neighborhood Target. I chose the latter. There, I purchased a three pack, and a clean t-shirt - because I had apparently forgotten to pack more than the one I was wearing. My reward for all this? Not even an hour into the wearing of the new t-shirt, Miss Mina snots all over it with her cold-ridden, runny nose. And not a cute little, wipe-your-nose-with-the sleeve kind of swipe either. It was a big one.

And that, my friend, is a day in the life of this mom. There is no such thing as travelling light with children. And there is no dignity either.
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