Saturday, June 23, 2007

Entertainment ...

Our week in California was filled with activities designed to keep the monkeys busy and entertained. This worked for me. One of the pillars of my parenting philosophy is that tired out monkeys make good nappers. The Nap, as I think of it, is that sacred time of the day that anchors our entire 24 cycle. The Nap is sacrosanct. It is absolute. It cannot be messed with or taken lightly. Since both monkeys take only one, it holds a very precious place in my heart.

A good nap (read long one) equals more happy mommy time.

That, of course brings me to the cardinal rule of parenting - the foundation upon which I base my entire world view.

In a nutshell ... happy mommy equals happy baby (babies). Enough said.

Here's how the monkeys kept themselves busy in California.

Interacting with native wildlife.

Deep sea diving.

Constructing fancy light-brite sculpture.

Clay projects.

Testing gravity.


The little monkeys were not the only ones who entertained themselves. We were lucky enough to be audience to some good, old-fashioned vocal stylings courtesy of Lexi.

Monkey, Sr. could not resist the siren call of that little microphone. Karaoke night anyone?
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