Thursday, June 21, 2007

Planes, trains and other transport ... Vehicular entertainment in CA.

Monkey, Sr. and I are in the market for a new car ...something in the minivan family with lots of seatage and strategically placed cupholders. It didn't occur to us, but maybe we should focus instead on getting the monkeys their own wheels. These for example, seem almost as practical as a 7 passenger minivan with automatic doors, no? I'm particularly impressed with the detail rendered in the pixie princess' aerodynamic hair.

These beauties came in handy one morning while taking a stroll downtown. The monkeys were amused, and I managed to burn off a few calories pushing them around.

Not content with the horsepower in her pixie rider, Miss Mina trades up for something a little sportier.

While her brother tests out the bells and whistles on another model. Sounds pretty good from the looks of it. Wonder what we can get on a trade in? Judging from the estimate the insurance company sent me for the minivan after the collision, I'd say we'd be better off selling it for scrap metal.

This is as close to driving as you two will be getting for a long while. Enjoy it, my friends.
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