Saturday, June 30, 2007

Where the wild things are..

My wild things could be found at our local zoo. After an especially long week, punctuated by 90+ degree days and soggy-blanket like humidity, we finally got a break. Today's mild temperatures begged for outdoor adventures. We were only too happy to comply.

We stumbled upon the county parks day. Lots of fun stuff to see and do. Among them - the "Budgie Adventures." Budgies, more commonly known as parakeets on this side of the pond, are cute feathery things. Apparently, they also have gloriously exploitable appetites, as we learned.

The walk-through exhibit at the zoo, equipped us with feeding sticks designed to lure the little biddies to our nesting fingers and hands.

This took some getting used to at first:

But once we got the hang of it, look out! Jordan with one budgie ...

And then two budgies ...

and some intra species conflict...

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Bye-bye Budgies.

Mina got into the act as well.

At first, she played nice.

But like other wild things, her true nature came out.

Bye-bye budgies.
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