Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The aftermath..

Parties are so much fun. It's always great seeing friends again and getting a chance to catch up. Mina's birthday party was a perfect opportunity to reunite with some old friends from the hood.

Jordan was reciting his "Ode to Gina" all week in preparation. Here he grudgingly shared lap space with Gina's daughter, Samantha.

The only downside to a good party is the clean up. Oh..clean up.

Luckily, I had two able-bodied helpers who thought washing dishes was the height of amusement. Thanks for the tip, Aunt Audrey and Uncle Richie.

Yes, they had a grand old time cleaning up. Soap and water and plastic dishes are FUN!!

Until they realized they were being put to work. Then I got these looks. Oh well, I'm guessing child labor is probably illegal in NJ.

A pity. There must be a way to harness all that kid energy into something productive.
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