Sunday, July 08, 2007

Biopsy Update

Just a quick update on Friday's biopsy-

The good news - the cardiologist's preliminary assessment was that everything looks fine. The bad news is that we have to wait till next week for the official version and for results on his blood tests. But, the doctor seemed pleased, and the monkey seems healthy as usual, so we don't expect any surprises. Knock on wood.

I will say that this biopsy was one of the fastest ones ever. I usually can safely settle in for a good few hours or so and read the Times from cover to cover, engage in at least one long-winded political debate with Monkey, sr., and eat breakfast by the time they wheel the monkey back into the recovery room.

This time, they had him back in an hour. He still needed a couple of hours to recover from the anesthesia, but they discharged us quickly, and we were home by 11:30. Monkey had some lunch, goofed around for awhile and then took a nap. You'd think it was just a regular day in our little zoo.

Not too bad. Apart from the cardiology fellow calling him by the wrong name (don't get sick in July people! The hospitals are crawling with newbies!!) it was not a bad day at all.
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