Monday, July 09, 2007

Central Park carnival..

I've always loved Central Park. It's an amazing place - a sprawling oasis in the midst of Manhattan. Tucked into nooks and crannies throughout, are sights and sounds, pockets of history, and urban lore. Summer invites a trip to the park to enjoy any number of activities offered - many of them for free.

Once upon a time, Monkey Sr. and I enjoyed summer nights at the park, under the stars, on the Great Lawn, listening to free opera concerts. Along with thousands of other urban dwellers, we brought along picnic baskets filled with food, and wine, and dessert. Often, friends would meet us at our designated quadrant by the side of the fence. Stretching out on the blanket, listening to the music, with the balmy air rustling around, it felt like a tiny bit of heaven, sent down just for us.

Appreciating Opera in the Park is something the monkeys may not be ready for yet. Luckily, there are lots of kid friendly options the park has to offer as well. This weekend, Wollman Rink was transformed into toddler nirvana. A carnival was in town! And there were LOTS of rides to enjoy, just their size.

Like boats!

And airplanes!

Hi, pretty mommy!

You can't tell from this pic, but the planes actually lifted up pretty high in the air. They spun around nicely, which drew up a lovely breeze. From atop, we could observe the mini carnival with all the activity occurring below.

I also got a second chance on the fun slide! This one was considerably shorter than the beast I climbed last week. After surviving that thing, this baby was a piece of cake. Hence, the look of complete calm on my face.

Mami Kristen, on the other hand, was a little nervous. Newbie.

And there were sprinklers. On a hot day in the city, you couldn't ask for anything more.

Miss Mina takes a moment to ponder this strange place called Gotham.

A fun place for kids of all ages. Opera is overrated anyway.
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