Friday, July 27, 2007

End of the week recap.

I'm done looking at preschools. We've decided on a place; and it's none of the ones I had been agonizing about before. I knew this was the one as soon as I walked in. It's exactly what I had imagined a preschool should be, and I am actually excited about bringing the Monkey there for his pre-enrollment interview and exploring session.

It's relatively close by - although that is meaningless when morning commuting traffic is taken into account. It's got a great reputation, been around for a long time, it's beautifully designed, spacious, blindingly clean, full of fascinating spaces for exploring and learning, and run by a woman who impressed me immediately with her professionalism and warmth. Unlike the other places I visited, I walked out of there feeling happy and confident.

Naturally all of this wonderfulness comes at a price. But I keep reminding myself that if this school were located in NYC, we would be paying five times the amount for all the amenities. Thanks to everyone for their helpful suggestions during my last several months of anxiety driven madness.

In preparation, Monkey has begun practicing his best cheesy, school-portrait grins.

In other news, Miss Mina is growing increasingly cranky and frustrated. Apart from the pain of more teeth cutting in, she has found herself in that limbo between crawling and walking. Unhappy with the limitations of crawling, but still too scared to venture alone upright, she howls in mobility sucks.

The Monkey has been doing his best to comfort her. That is, when he's not smacking her on the head with his toy tools.

Monkey Sr. and I are looking forward to a rare, mom and dad night out alone tomorrow. We are belatedly celebrating the old monkey's birthday with a Broadway show - The Color Purple, starring one of our favorite American Idol alums - Fantasia! I have low expectations of the show itself, since I am not a Broadway fan by any stretch. But we both loved Fantasia's voice, and hearing her sing onstage should be a real treat.

But first, we will spend the morning doing yet another unpleasant parent thing - taking the monkey for another blood test. Seems that the folks at clinic might have discovered something amiss in his blood levels, so we need to retest. Yes, I am a nervous wreck. For me, this is one of the hardest parts about managing Jordan's care post-transplant. Everything can be going along wonderfully, he seems healthy and happy, he's got loads of energy, has been sleeping well, eating phenomenally well, behaving like a normal kid..then all of a sudden I get some random phone call on my cell phone from the pharmacist informing me that a new medication has been ordered for my son. When should I like it delivered?

"What? What do you mean a new medication? What's it for???

And so on. In this roundabout way, I learned that something was off. It isn't alarming, except to me. But for a change, I wish we could just enjoy life without being blindsided. I know. It's a lot to ask.
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