Thursday, July 05, 2007

End of the week wrap up...

When he's not busy doing heavy construction or directing traffic, monkey's just your average two and half year old, enjoying summer in a small town. We've had a fairly typical week - swimming lessons, pool, holiday barbecues, meals, snacks, naps, potty time practice and failure, cutting another molar, etc. Today, we embarked on another milestone in the life of monkey (and mommy) when I paid my first visit to the local preschool to check it out as a possible option for this Fall. It was pretty nice, although I'm still having a hard time imagining the monkey in "school."

A not-so-typical activity is the one we will be doing tomorrow morning. Once again, we're heading into the hospital for a scheduled heart biopsy. Biopsy days are tough for a lot of reasons. No food or water for the monkey after 11:00 pm tonight. Nothing tomorrow until after the procedure. We have to adjust his medication times the day before, which in our case means keeping him up till 9:00 pm. We have to leave the house at 6:30 tomorrow morning to get to the hospital in time. We have to keep the monkey calm once we get there and he sees a bunch of doctors. Then we say good bye to him for a little while when they take him away.

After that, we wait.

When they bring him back, he'll be groggy and tired. He'll sleep for awhile as monitors track his vital signs. We'll sit by his side and try to be patient. If he awakens early, we'll be there, ready to comfort him, read him a story, or find a good show on tv to keep him amused.

Tonight, we told him what to expect. We even practiced a bit with our mini stethoscope on Elmo's heart. The monkey enjoys talking into the bit on the end and hearing his voice amplified in the ear pieces. He also enjoyed staying up late, sitting on the steps outside, searching for the moon, and watching the fireflies flicker across the lawn. He took his medicine like a champ as usual, nibbled on his cookie, and observed the night unfold around him. I held him in my lap and once again, felt like the luckiest woman in the world.
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