Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Higher Education

So, here's another one of these parenting decision things that I have been sweating over, all summer long. Where do I send the Monkey to preschool? He's definitely ready, and Fall is right around the corner. The time has come. The time is now. And all that's left is finding the right place. But like every other major decision involving the kid(s), I am agonizing over the minutiae.

I mean, we're not talking rocket science here, right? All the schools I've looked at so far seem to offer pretty much the same thing. Three days/three hours of supervised activities, play time, circle time, potty practice, arts and crafts, etc. Some programs have been around forever. Others are just starting up. Some have larger class sizes..others would consist of maybe five or six kids per group. Some have computers, some don't. Some have great playgrounds, others don't.

The trouble is, I'm still overly conditioned by the metro mentality that the right preschool is critical for ensuring your child's entire educational life span. Choose correctly, or they'll never get to Harvard. Since I never went to Harvard either, clearly someone chose badly on my behalf, and I need to avoid that fate for my own spawn.

I have worked myself into a frenzy over this because I always need something to fret over. And for the foreseeable future, this is it. Naturally, everyone has an opinion, which I am privy to. At the end of the day, the decision is one we have to make ourselves, and live with the consequences.

Do I go with the school everyone else in town sends their kids to because it's been around forever? Do I dare try out the new start up with the small class sizes and sharp looking little computer stations? Is it better to go with the big class, experienced teachers, and let Jordan fend for himself in the frenetic crowds? Or do I baby him a bit more and go for the personalized attention, albeit in an untested environment?

Sigh. I'm over thinking this. That's what I do.
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