Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mina's big day..

Summer babies always got the short end of it when we were in school. They never had the classroom party with cupcakes and songs because, well..school was over by the end of June. But, the one thing summer babies get is, well...summer! Glorious summer! Backyard parties, hazy, balmy summery breezes cooling us on backyard decks. Summer babies luck out when it comes to birthday party planning.

My summer baby celebrated her FIRST birthday this weekend. And it was a blast.

We had lots of food ...

And friends ...

And sprinklers...

And bubbles...

And chalk..

And water balloons...

Of course, she dressed for the occasion. We began the morning in an eyelet white and pink frock with matching bow.

Yeah, white eyelet makes me pretty giddy too.

We weren't going to attend our own party barefoot. She may not have any teeth yet, but she knows her shoes. For this event, we chose to go with white patent leather and silk ribbons.

Other guests came dressed to impress too.

But, for some reason, Miss Mina seemed happiest when she lost the frilly dress, and slipped into something more comfortable. Like this one peice pink bathing suit.

All right, let's get back to the important things. Did I mention the food? To be precise, I should say did I mention the dessert? It's comforting to know, we aren't the only ones who love ourselves some chocolate.

Miss Mina really loves herself some chocolate. She may have gone a bit too far here. I think she keeled over from sheer gluttony at this point. Like mother like daughter, I guess.

Monkey was no slouch either when it came to dessert. But that's old news.

While my children were stuffing their faces and smearing themselves with chocolate body paint, other guests showed them how civilized human beings eat.

The one thing I can say for my kid though is that he can drink. Water that is.

And why drink from one cup, when you can hog all four?

The cupcakes were in honor of my other summer baby. His birthday is this week too. Don't feel bad if you can't read the message. The frosting melted a bit overnight.

The two birthday guests of honor pose for a photo op.

A big thanks to all our friends and family who made it out, who sent presents and well wishes. As always, we feel pretty lucky to have so much to celebrate.

And I'm sure Miss Mina does too.

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