Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mommy Bloggers' Night Out..

When I hit the town with two of my favorite mommy bloggers what's on the agenda? Wild and crazy partying? Drinking? Dancing? After all, the night is young, the kids are safely tucked away, and the dads are on babysitting duty. And what they hey, it's not like we have to go to "work" the next morning, right?

I'll tell you what we do.

We talk about our freakin' kids all night long. We compare notes, commiserate over the long hours, the tantrums, the feeding issues, the classes, the quest for the right preschool, the right books to read, the right discipline techniques. And when we've had just about all we can take of the kiddie topic nonsense, we order another round of tapas and dig in.

In the few blissful moments of savoring a meal cooked by someone else, we chill out. We decompress.

Then my sanity starts to return and I can face the kiddie world again - fortified. I look forward to seeing the munchkins when they wake up in the morning, when we sit at the breakfast table together, and when I hold them in my arms again.

But, I do appreciate a good mom's night out. There's comfort in knowing we're all in it together.
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