Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Water Monkeys ...

Both monkeys began this season's swim classes at the pool today. Miss Mina, as she has done in the past, threw herself into the water like she was meant to be there all along. I noticed this behaviour when we vacationed in Florida in March. The minute she saw a pool, she squirmed and wiggled, as she tried to free herself from whomever's captive arms she was in. She wanted to be in that pool NOW!

At the pool today, she happily splashed about, oblivious to the fact that it was only about 70 degrees outside, the wind was blowing, and the sun kept darting behind the clouds. Brr.

I was pleasantly surprised to notice the Little Monkey was just as happy to jump into the pool. He actually ran over to it before lessons even began, which, needless to say, shaved a few years off my life.

Once in the pool, under the watchful eye of the local highschooler posing as teacher, Monkey and I splashed about, practiced jumping in and out, and even blew bubbles. He did not freak out when he inhaled his first gulp or two of water, but actually laughed through spluttering it out. Not a pretty sight, but amusing in its own way too.

Unlike Miss Mina, he did begin to feel the cold quickly, and moved to get out before the lesson was over. That's ok. We had fun while it lasted. While draped in his hoodie towel, warming himself in the sun, he continued to watch the older kids take their lessons on the far side of the pool and on the diving board.

"One day," I said, "you'll be diving off the board too."

He looked at me, with a mix of curiosity and fear, and I felt like I was transported back about thirty years to the swimming lessons of days past.

Monkey enjoys the sprinkler park in California where the glorious hot weather made for a fun splashing time.

The Flying Nun? No, it's just Miss Mina, soaking up the sun and fun in CA.

This child should have been a Pisces.
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