Monday, July 23, 2007

The Wet Down

I really enjoy our little corner of the world. It's a small town, with two main roads, one supermarket, and an endless supply of personality. In the two years that we've lived here, I'm continuing to discover the various quirks that make this place such an interesting one in which to live.

It's definitely a family friendly town. Apart from the town recreation center and pool - where the monkeys enjoy classes through the year, there's also amusing little traditions that make this place special. We have an annual Halloween party, a tree lighting, a menorah lighting, Earth Day, a Father's Day regatta, several parades, a 4th of July race, an Easter Bunny in the Park in the Spring, Santa making rounds of all the streets on the firetruck in December; there's fireworks in July, concerts and movies in the park; we're home to one of the oldest and longest running stage production groups in the country; and according to Wikipedia, we are the historical haven to five Nobel prize winners.

I can state for certain, that none of them were present at the latest town event we attended on Saturday.

The Wet Down.

Getting wet is fun. God knows both my kids love the water; but I'm still trying to figure out what this event was celebrating. Our town is a little quirky in that Star's Hollow kind of way. It sometimes seems like there's a whole lot of celebrating going on, without any identifiable occasion to warrant it. Maybe the wet down fell into that category. Or maybe I just haven't lived here long enough.

As best as I can tell, the fire department got a new firetruck and everyone was invited to celebrate and show support for the local volunteer crew. Neighboring fire companies came too, along with their trucks, firefighters, families, groupies, and what not. There was a band, barbeque, a bouncy house, t-shirts for sale, and several fire hoses turned on to create a waterpark for the kids. Or, I thought it was for the kids. Apparently, the older boys got into the act too. As one friend commented, "I never expected to see grown men hosing each other."

Yeah, me neither, but it's all good. And my kids are still so young, they assume everything they see is normal behaviour.

Like herding the beer drinkers into a fenced in corral. I kid you not. Those choosing to consume alcoholic beverages, had to do so within the fenced in confines of a baseball diamond under the blazing hot sun. An orange "fence of shame" surrounded them while they consumed their devil's brew. The teetotalers watched/judged them from afar. Monkey sr. and I did not indulge, so we were able to get a view of the animals from a nice shady area of the park. It was pretty damn funny in a Peyton Place kind of way.

Miss Mina can sympathize. She knows full well what life is like behind the fence.

Anyway, as strange as it seemed, the event occupied that twilight time between nap and dinner in the afternoon. It kept the monkeys occupied, got them wet, and forced some fresh air into their between inhaling second hand smoke. And we do love firetrucks, after all.

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