Wednesday, August 29, 2007

And so it begins..

One small step for man...

One giant leap forward for the monkey.

This morning, we escorted Little Monkey to his preschool orientation. The anticipation level at our house was at critical mass. I couldn't wait to get going already. Monkey acted nonchalant, but I could tell he was pretty excited too. But no one's going anywhere without a good breakfast. In our case...breakfast round two. After polishing off dada's famous french toast, Monkey made a special request for mom's idea of breakfast. Kix! Kid tested. Mother approved. And fast too. Wind up airplane sold separately.

Monkey, Dada and I arrived at school and ventured into his classroom. There we played scavenger hunt with our map, and discovered all the exciting learning stations in the room. Monkey lingered for a long time at the wooden toy garage, water fountain, and pencil sharpener. I'm not sure what to make of that.

Many great men have walked these sage green halls, Little Monkey...with backpacks just like yours.

The school-issued backpacks are about as big as the monkey. Toting this around in the morning will take some getting used to, I imagine. But we're game. The less I have to carry in the diaper bag, the better.

Of course, no orientation is complete without staking a claim to your watering pail for the tiny seeds garden. Here Monkey selects carefully.

And of course, school attendance can be safely assured if there is a big plate of cookies, juice and milk for consumption. Monkey samples these as well.

And again...

After careful thought, he declared his first day at school...the whole hour of be "fun day at school." Yeah..what's not to like, kid? Toys, crayons, music, playground, cookies, and apple juice? Sign me up.

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