Saturday, August 25, 2007

And then the sun burst through the clouds..

And life was good again. Yay! The rain has finally ended.

Mina enjoys the sunshine on her face.

I always get sucked into watching these movies on tv after the monkeys go to bed. Not that there is ever anything on..but you know. Inevitably, I'll catch something, a movie in the middle of itself, that hooks me and forces me to watch. Tonight, I channel surfed and stumbled on Fatal Attraction. When this movie first came out, I was too young to really get it. Of course now that I'm ancient, with two kids, the movie resonates in an enitirely different way. But, I'm digressing.

I never really appreciated all the metro New York backdrops present throughout. It was kind of fun playing the "where was that shot?" game. Other movie favorites of mine where New York plays a supporting role are:

Saturday Night Fever - Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Ahh..the old stomping grounds.

When Harry Met Sally - pretty Central Park!

Breakfast at Tiffany's - pretty sparkly jewelry store.

Working Girl - oh the shame of outer borough big hair.

On a different note...

File this episode under the growing list of monkey witticisms.

This afternoon, as I was forced to change yet another of Little Monkey's shite filled diapers, I decided to try a new tactic in my arsenal of potty training methodology. Rather than the usual encouragement and reward system for sitting on the mini crapper, I switched gears and attempted to shame the hell out of him. What the hey, right? At least it's something to break the monotony of the day. He showed me though. This is one kid with an overdeveloped sense of self worth.

Me: Ohmigod...whew! That is the stinkiest diaper I have ever smelled. Whoo! That is sooo disgusting! I can't believe one kid can produce such a stink!!

Monkey laughs demonically.

I continued, undeterred.

Me: Wow. I think that has got to be the most disgusting stinky diaper you have ever, ever had. Eww! It's so gross!! Whew...we better open some windows! That diaper really, really smells!

Monkey: Just like flowers!!!

I need a vacation.
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