Thursday, August 23, 2007

The dog days of August

Yes, it really has been ten days since I last posted. You could say I was getting as lax as some of the so-called bloggers I have linked on the blogroll to the left.

As August winds down, I thought I'd do an update on what we've been up to. This week's been a little exhausting, as I've been caring for the monkeys mostly on my own. To all the poor mommies/daddies out there raising multiple kids close in age without any help, I salute you. You are a better human being than I am. Our au pair's been on vacation for two+ weeks, and I feel like I've aged ten years.

We've had our share of fevers, colds, sore throats, never-ending rain, and too many hours indoors. In between the tantrums and the monotony we've been up to the following...

We've gone from this ...

to this...

This week has marked the beginning of Miss Mina's journey as a bi-ped. She's been consistently taking steps on her own from one point to another. She still has a tendency to crawl when she wants to get somewhere fast, and she still lands with a big thump on her tush when she does walk, but she seems to be making that move to the walking state of mind.

She's also shaved several years off my life by crawling on her own up our very steep flight of stairs, by herself, when I was busy cooking dinner. I thought she was safely under the care of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and I thought the safety gate was up. I was wrong on both counts.

The only thing that clued me into the possibility that something was amiss, was the sound of baby silence in the living room. I went to investigate - No Mina. Jordan was calmly lounging on the couch; and Oscar looked slightly frantic, but someone was missing.

I raced around the corner to the stairs and looked up. There she was - Queen of the Mountain. Not only had she climbed all the way up the very steep stairs, but she had also managed to open the safety gate at the TOP of the stairs and crossed that threshold. She sat there looking at me with a huge grin of triumph on her chubby little face.

I don't know about this whole increased mobility thing. I almost prefer seeing her lounging around like this. At least I always know where she is.

In other news, some of you may have heard about this really awesome soccer game that came to our neck of the woods starring none other than Becks himself. Guess who had front row seats to the game? No, not me. I was home watching the kids. Monkey, Sr! He had my blessing to enjoy a well-earned night out with the boys, on one condition. He had to take some decent pictures of David Beckham. My exact words were, "Don't bother coming home unless you have some decent pictures of Becks."

This is what he came home with.

Yeah. For anyone who cares, that's Tom Arnold - Rosannne Barr's ex-husband. As you can see, Monkey Sr.'s sense of humor has been the secret to our long and sort of healthy relationship.

He actually did kind of try to take a Becks shot. This sad, blurry thing is the best he could come up with. He claims he needs a new camera. This line reminds me of the bit my dad used to pull whenever my mom asked him to do something - like make coffee or fix breakfast. Inevitably, the job was botched so badly (burnt coffee, pots destroyed) that she never again asked him to do anything again.

Next week, Little Monkey has orientation for pre-school! Can you believe we've reached the stage where school starting marks the arrival of an official end-of-season?? I can't believe he's going to be in school. He's still the same picky little monkey/tyrant he's always been, but now he'll be in school three days a week!

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