Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fin De - Summer 2007

This year, the end of the summer has a noticeable feel to it. Maybe it's because Little Monkey is starting preschool next week. Tomorrow is orientation, and both Monkey Sr. and I will be escorting J to the big event.

This major milestone inspired all kinds of frenzied activity on my part today. First, on my list of things to do - clean and put away the baby pool that has been staring at me, balefully, from its perch on my deck. Earlier this week, I deflated it and emptied out the last lingering pools of water stored within its folds. Today, I tackled the cleaning part. I have no idea what the right way to clean this monstrosity. As you can see from the pic, the air still hasn't come out of the thing. Clearly, I was doing something wrong. But the Windex was the right move, I was sure. That blue stuff works miracles.

Miss Mina decided to waddle over and help. By help, I mean, climb up on the bench next to me and proceed to try and throw herself over the edge. She kept an eye on me. I kept an eye on her. And in this spirit of mutual admiration, nothing got accomplished. The pool is still sitting on the deck, albeit, sort of wiped down.

Next...laundry. Another monkey tried to make himself useful by sprawling out on the freshly washed sheets and linens. The other three loads are hidden out of his view because I wanted to keep them marginally clean before I folded them and put them away.

The demonic smile dispels any notion of the purity of his motives.

All this hard work might work up an appetite in mere mortals. I had no illusions about my own brood, but I set out something for them anyway. Sandwich, grapes, and "rainbow pears" for the monkey.

Something similar for Miss Mina, supersized.

More play ensued. This particular game, we call "Have a tea party." It consists of filling up an old refrigerator bin with water, toy dinnerware, and letting the monkeys loose on the deck. Sometimes they play nice.

Except when they don't ... which is most of the time.

The last activity of the evening...pack Monkey's "Big Ziplock bag" of things he will need tomorrow at orientation. The list we got would be kind of funny, except that it's cute because we're parents and this is our first experience sending a kid to school. So, with all earnestness, I scoured the aisles of the supermarket to find exactly the right "Big Ziplock Bag." I searched monkey's closet for the right long sleeve shirt, pants, socks, and "underwear." I dutifully printed his name on all the labels inside. Per instructions, I collected fifteen pictures for use during "Star of the week." I packed the diapers, wipes, and Desitin. No wonder we needed the Big Bag. I took a picture because the whole exercise thrilled me to no end.

He's really going to school.

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