Thursday, August 09, 2007

Is it Saturday yet?

Nope. The week continues. We've been up to our usual hectic mess of activities since I last posted. Thankfully, the water situation was resolved earlier, so we can go back to running the faucet all the time and splashing about in the big bathtub.

In perhaps my most random of posts, here's STUFF.

A belated happy birthday shout out to our buddy Julia. As you can see from the candle, she just turned one! Woo-hoo!

She handles the whole ageing thing with characteristic grace. I had a similar reaction at my own birthday this year when I realized how old I was. Don't ask the number. Let's just say I needed a few more candles.

To celebrate the occasion, Monkey donned his favorite Henry Fonda/On Golden Pond summer hat and striped polo shirt.

Parties make the monkeys pretty giddy. Apparently I don't take them out for enough stimulation.

There was some serious kiddie entertainment.

Lots of food...

And all our favorite people.

The kids had a blast. Can't you tell? Look how nicely they are all playing with one another. And yes, this counts as playing nicely. No tears, no time outs, no bashing one another over the head with plastic toys. Hence - legitimately acceptable social interaction in my book.

Apart from birthdays..we had the usual mundane tasks to finish. The usual Costco shopping, albeit within the safe confines of two shopping carts. Those days when we could sit them side by side are over. See above.

We got some beach time in.

Impressed the ladies with our manly physique.

Had our share of attitudes.

As well as our share of cute sibling moments that did not involve pain.

Which is why it's been a pretty busy week, and I for one, am ready for a long nap too. For those of you counting, yes, there are three stuffed animals in this child's crib.

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