Sunday, August 26, 2007

Scenes from the zoo

Today we brought the monkeys to the Bronx zoo again. I'm pleased to say, we are definitely taking advantage of our membership there. This time, we focused on a few exhibits, some free time to run around, and of course, lunch.

We rode the monorail..where a nice couple in the background smiled obligingly for the camera.

In return, Monkey sr. made his best gorilla faces at them.

The biggest hit of today's adventure was our visit to the Butterfly Garden. There, both monkeys got a chance to interact up close with the fluttery little jewels flying just out of reach.

At least, we tried to keep them out of reach. Of Mina, that is. Grabby little thing.

Some of them tried to hitch a ride back home.

But I think they'd probably be better off right where they are. Our personal zoo is pretty crowded these days.

Little Monkey was in rare form today. His interaction with the butterflies was almost...and I'm practically scared to use this word...angelic. He watched them flutter around, smiling all the while. He pointed to different ones, and exclaimed, "Look at the pretty butterfly!" When I warned him not to touch any, because they might get hurt, he looked at me with a face full of concern, and actually followed the instructions.

Unheard of.

Whose kid is this??

Of course, as we announced that it was TIME TO LEAVE, the monkey we know and love (and fear), returned in all his raging glory. However, that brief moment of tranquility was worth the price of zoo membership, I assure you.
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