Sunday, August 05, 2007


The weekend began with a tremendous thunder and lightning display that rocked the little monkey straight out of bed. It scared him enough in the process, that we were forced to stay up with him for a dangerously indulgent amount of time, while we soothed him with milk and cuddles on the rocking chair, and memorized renditions of "Goodnight Moon."

Eventually, he went back to sleep. We thought that would be the big drama of the weekend. We were wrong, as usual.

The next morning, we awoke to discover that the entire county was under a "BOIL WATER!!" alert. Translation - don't drink the tap water without boiling it. Don't use it to brush your teeth, wash your hands, or cook with ... unless, that's right - you boil it first. Apparently, the water treatment plant in the area was hit by lightning during the night, damaging equipment in the process. Some people had no water at all. Luckily, we avoided that problem, and were left with only the minor inconvenience of the tap water thing.

I never realized how often I use tap water. From washing my hands a thousand times a day, to rinsing off the neverending supply of fruit that Miss Mina demands at every meal time, to wiping down counters, filling Oscar's bowl, to cleaning messy faces after meals.. Tap water plays a big role in our lives.

Because they are such dirty little monkeys.

Although the advisory said it was safe to shower, I suspected the powers-that-be assumed that no one is drinking the shower water. Noone except my monkeys, that is. No shower or straight up bath water for them, unfortunately. Too much of it ends up in their mouths for my comfort. Add to that a immunosuppressed monkey, and my paranoia radar was in full effect.

So we did the bathing the old fashioned way.

In the sink..

With a BIG pot of boiled (and cooled) water and soup ladle. Lovely, right?
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