Friday, September 07, 2007

Baseball fields, bouncy trampolines, and two tired monkeys..

By 10:00 am, if we aren't out of the house, the monkeys start getting restless. Which is why I try to keep them occupied/run them ragged until they collapse in a heap at naptime and bedtime. So far, the strategy has worked. Of course, this running ragged thing works both ways. They have way more energy than I give them credit for. Way more than I do, anyway.

Miss Mina may look like a roly-poly butterball here, but looks can be deceiving. Under that marshmallow exterior lies the heart of a future athlete.

Exhibit A: the trampoline play date. I think she actually caught some air. Julia looks skeptical.

Even when her big brother climbed on board, Miss Mina held her ground. This child knows no fear.

Except when confronted with this:

First, for the uninitiated - this is a scene from "Dora the Explorer," a God awful show on tv that will stop both my children in their tracks.

Now, at first glance, what's scary about this? Maybe the fear in Dora's eyes? Maybe that menacing fox, otherwise known as Swiper?

Nah..that's not what sends Miss Mina into tears. What freaks her out is that bush in the background. In one episode, the bush has a face and talks. It's called the "Echo Bush" and it sends her into a full blown baby-tear meltdown. We're talking bottom lip trembling kind of tears. A talking Bush that wrecks emotional havoc and destruction? Hmm... Mina must lean towards the political left. Finally, she gets something from her mom.

Monkey is no slouch either. He's just as active when he wants to be..which is most of the day. Here, he has his own Field of Dreams moment at the local park. What you don't see is the Monkey running away from me at full speed, away from the playground, across the lawn, over the small hill, and into the middle of the field. You also don't get to see my old, tired self chasing after him with the ineffectual shouts to "stop!"

After this episode, we had a little sit down to discuss the meaning of the word "stop" as well as the consequences that would follow if he did not listen.

Mommy...come on!! We go!
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