Saturday, September 22, 2007

Busy Monkey. Hard at work.

J's preschool takes pictures of the kids all week long and then sends the files to the parents at the end of the week. It's pretty cute. They also send about a dozen other emails, weekly notices, and helpful bits of information about any number of topics related to children. Monkey Sr. has already started complaining about the volume of email..and it's only the second week. On the other hand, I've created files on my computer to organize the various communications I've received - the pictures, the weekly news, the birthday notices, the recall information.

In a nutshell, this illustrates the difference between us.

We are on the same wavelength with respect to one thing, however. Any perceived slight against our kid.

Why, we wondered, out of the fifty or so pictures, Monkey was only present in one of them? Two weeks in a row now? Where the hell is he when the camera comes out? And why is he so strangely silent every afternoon when I ask him what he did in class?

Monkey Sr. has a theory.

He thinks the kid is skipping out.
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