Monday, September 10, 2007

The Green Mile..

This weekend, in yet another burst of masochism, we decided to take the monkeys for a hike at the local nature center. By "hike", I mean of course, shlepping out with two infants, with limited attention spans, and one with only recently acquired mobility. We fully expected at least one of them would most likely would need to be carried at various points. Armed with this most technical understanding of the word, "hike," I felt prepared. I had no illusions about a grand wilderness trek, of the sort favored by some members of my family.

Nah. I had in mind something simple, something short, a chance to get some fresh air and stretch our legs. Since strollers were not feasible on the trail, we all hit the ground.

All of us.

It didn't take the monkey too long to realize his advantage. His parents are old, and tired, and out of shape. Hence - the inevitable. He hit the ground running.

And boy, did he run.

And run.

And run some more.

It was a morning to test some boundaries ... including those designed to mark the trails. We continue to discuss the various meanings of the word "stop." I'm thinking maybe Monkey's dictionary is different than mine.

The one sure-fire way to stop the monkey in his tracks in the word, "Snack." The phenomenon is not unlike that which we experience with our dog, Oscar. He responds the same way to the word, "treat." Monkey's palate in only slightly more sophisticated than Oscar's.

We tried to use the break as a photo-op moment with the both of them sitting still, in one place. We don't have that many good pictures of the two of them together. Could we possibly get them to sit a little bit closer?

Nope. Not happening.

We stumbled upon some interesting things that morning in the woods. An outdoor classroom, complete with sign and tree post seats. Monkey scratches his head in confusion, but I thought it was a cute idea.

And the best discovery...a little playground to explore. After proper hydration, of course.

Monkey tackled a slide of great heights.

And then shared his success story with Miss Mina at the bottom.

She did a pretty good job of keeping up that morning. All that walking helped work up an appetite. At the local diner, we managed to keep the monkeys up just a bit longer while they had lunch.

Some of us were pretty excited about the prospect of nap time.

All that athleticism was just the work up Monkey, Sr. needed to get him inspired for the Jets' first game of the season, against the Patriots.

It was such a massacre, Monkey Sr. turned his attention to other aspects of the game. Here, he manages to photograph the Jets' newest acquisition - a cheer leading squad. As always, Monkey Sr. can be counted on to focus on the important things.

While Monkey Sr. was out with the boys, the rest of us stayed home and finished the weekend off with some baking. Chocolate marble cake - for snack tomorrow at school. Here, Monkey helps by lining the muffin tins with paper...and then water. Of course, I needed none of these things - muffin tins, liner, or water...but it kept him occupied. And quiet.

A good weekend, indeed.
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