Thursday, September 06, 2007

We did it!

We successfully made it through the first day of school. The whole three hours .. without a tear shed...either one of us.

Despite the unenthusiastic start to the day, it turned out to be not so bad.

Monkey made some new friends...

Basked in the glow of academia...

Dug deep into the sands of time...

And experienced the first intoxicating, sweet taste of independence.

Of course, then Mina and I showed up at 11:30 to pull him away from all the fun.

Bwahh ha ha!!!

But not before getting a full report from his teacher - who insisted that the Monkey did great. No tears, no tantrums. Lots of energy the whole day. As we left, I got to witness my own bit of amazing.

One of his new classmates..G, was in tears, even as her dad tried to comfort her during pick up. Jordan was close by, and watched closely, then declared:

"How 'bout hug?"

And then he walked over and gave his patented hug - which consists of standing very close to you, leaning forward, and brushing his cheek against yours.

G. (and her dad) looked a little taken aback. And although I was slightly shocked by my brazen little monkey, I was also giggling with delight.

Empathy? Wow.

Of course then we went home and he proceeded to have a complete meltdown, a lunch boycott, and a manic burst of energy that I can only attribute to one too many animal crackers at school. Oh well. All things considered, I think the first day went pretty darn well.
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