Friday, September 14, 2007

Week in review

While the monkey spent his mornings in school, Miss Mina and I got to hang out - just the girls. We started the week off with a trip to gym class. Here, she helps to get ready for the day.

After a little initial hesitation, she stormed the gymnasium with as much speed as her two chunky legs could muster.

Later in the week, the monkey joined us for a birthday party/playdate. The gorgeous weather is a reminder of why Fall is my favorite time of the year.

He may be a big kid in school now, but he's still young enough to be entertained by the bubbles. For Miss Mina, they are just about the most exciting thing one could imagine. Little glistening orbs floating in the sky?? Run!!

She watches as another one floats tantalizingly out of reach.

Better to stay earthbound then. The sandbox provided a wonderful distraction. It was good practice for our upcoming trip to the beach.

A grueling week at school deserves to be rewarded with a hearty round of "jumping on the bed." Monkey demonstrates proper technique.

Falling back into the heap of pillows is the best part. I look forward to doing the same.
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