Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Binghamton Mini Reunion...

gets hijacked by the kids.

This past weekend, we had the chance to hang out with some college alum out in Long Island. This reunion has become a yearly one for the gang, and we always get a kick out it. As usual, my pictures focused more on the kids. I have a tendency to do that. Despite the lack of pictures to prove it, the adults had fun too. How could we not? Our hosts were gracious, there was plenty of food, lots of laughs, and even activities to keep the munchkins occupied. Thanks again James and Eileen for hosting this year. Entertaining a house full of big and little people, while simultaneously caring for three little ones of your own is no easy task. As a show of my gratitude, I nominate you guys for next year's bash.

Here's the plan. Let's take advantage of that fully enclosed back yard. Let's toss the kids in, lock the gate, and head to the nearest pub with a big screen tv and Jets game. We can set up the baby monitors to supervise. Or maybe we'll bring along the dog. He's great with kids.

Miss Mina thinks this is a fine idea. Having discovered the joy of walking, the thrill of mobility and independence, she don't need no stinkin' grown ups around to spoil her fun.

I am so out of here.

And the pumpkin's coming with me.

The afternoon's activities included a trip to the local farm. In addition to the pumpkins, they had an amazing play area. Complete with pirate ships! Does life get any better?

Yes! Dear God, it does!! Today is the greatest day I have ever known, the Monkey thinks. Today, I met Dora in person.

Dora. The Explorer. And she is larger than any human being I have ever seen.

Thank you, God.

He stared in awe, while I giggled and took pictures. Dora was looking a little raggedy, but the Monkey didn't seem to notice.

A most excellent reunion for us all.
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