Saturday, October 27, 2007

Highlight of the week ~

The Big Apple Circus is in town and we had front row seats (for free)!

This is the monkeys' first trip to the circus. Years past, we've attempted to attend this firm-sponsored event, but it never quite worked out. I can't believe I am able to look back on Monkey's infamous pre-circus meltdown and laugh about it. Two years later, we've worked up the courage to try again. We're older, wiser, and came prepared.

Presenting Beanie.... with Bunny in tow. This rancid bunny has had its floppy body dragged all over the country. It's just about the most vile thing I have ever seen; and of course, our daughter loves it with a passion, cannot sleep at night or nap without it, and bursts into tears when we try to leave it in her crib.

Tonight I was taking no chances. Bunny came along for his first circus too.

Little Monkey, being the worldly two year old that he is, no longer needs to drag his stuffed animals around for comfort. His cuddly stayed home, safe in bed. Which left Monkey's both arms free to engage in all manner of havoc and destruction. Like tearing down the Big Tent.

It was a great night. The lights, the colors, the clowns and music ... there was so much to keep them entertained. Both kids were transfixed. I am thrilled to report that neither one got scared, had a meltdown, or humiliated us too much.

Even Jordan.

He did have a few extremely wild moments immediately following his first taste of cotton candy. But I blame myself for that. In hindsight, it probably was not the best move to just hand him the whole bundle of spun sugar in one shot.

All right...I'll be honest. He ran around like a complete loon, and I found myself explaining repeatedly, "'s the cotton candy." to multiple parents, who just nodded in sympathy before running off after their own kids.

Beanie was much more dignified about the whole thing and strolled about contentedly. Bunny dragged about further, because he's just not dirty enough. Wisely, we cut out early while the going was good. Why push our luck, right? At that point we were already two hours past bedtime.

Quit while you're ahead, that's my motto in all things child related.
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