Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Little Monkeys give thanks..belatedly

We got back from Arizona this week. While the rest of my neighborhood seems to be gearing up for Christmas, I'm still trying to get my act together post Thanksgiving. Oh the rush! The frantic race to get the tree up, the wreaths hung, the lights strung on the house. Suburbia is more stressful than you realize. I'm personally cheering the lazy soul down the block who still has the pumpkins sitting out on the steps. It does lend a slightly schizophrenic tinge to the 'hood...surrounded as it is by twinkly white lights to one side, and bright holly wreaths on the other...

But hey..if some people are still celebrating Halloween, I can still in good conscious reminisce about Thanksgiving. November still has a few hours left before I succumb to the next holiday's siren call.

This year, the monkey tribe ventured to Arizona to join the many members of the family for the traditional "Marin-Moss" reunion - three years in the planning.

This is the group. Take a close look at all those little kids. Now imagine mealtimes. Three times a day. For a week. Can't count them all? Let me help. There are thirteen children present.

The day after we arrived, Little Monkey developed a fever. He spent most of the vacation nursing a bad cold, cough, and ear infection. One thing I will say, if you have to go and get sick on a destination family reunion/vacation, the Westin-Kierland resort in Scottsdale Arizona is the place to be. It rocked.

What a trip it was. Despite the minor setback posed by Monkey's latest illness (damn you, preschool petri dish), I can still say (with a straight face) that it was a great reunion. Surrounded by so many loved ones as we were - we laughed, we ate, we celebrated.

And that to me, is a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving.
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