Monday, December 10, 2007

Holiday Season is in full swing.

It's a busy and fun time of the year in our neck of the woods. With so much celebrating to do this month, there have been plenty of activities to keep the monkeys occupied.

The tree is blazing...

The candles are sparkling..

And we even have some new holiday couture in which to celebrate properly. An office party is not complete without the right party dress. Thanks Grace!

Monkey Sr.'s office party was a lot of fun. Where else could one run freely down the hallways laughing like a loon, with a lollipop in hand? A law firm. Obviously. I hear this kind of behavior is considered the norm.

Miss Mina discovered the balloon guy, and wields her flower stem like a jedi light saber. May the force be with you Beanie, always.

Jordan slipped away for a few minutes to marvel at the lights of Times Square shining below.

Somehow Bunny made it to the party. Wherever Miss Mina goes, Bunny is sure to follow. Both my children have an unhealthy obsession with their favorite stuffed animals. Jordan's is a limited edition stuffed cow, aptly named Mr. Moo. Although he was produced in small quantities by Kohl's, as part of their Kohl's for Kids program, and then discontinued, I did score a few replacement Moos off Ebay. I routinely switch his moos so the wear and tear is evenly distributed.

However, to date, this Bunny is the only Bunny I have for Mina. Other bunnies I have tried to sneak into her crib have not won her affection. These lesser creatures occupy lonely corners of her bed, and serve only to buffer her head from the crib railings.

At the rate Bunny is travelling, he is not long for this world.

No weekend would be complete without a good playdate. Here the two princesses compete in the very dainty sport of car racing. Thanks for coming to visit Angelique! We had so much fun! And where can I find a coat like yours in my size?

Since we're also savoring the remaining days of football season, Miss Mina and Monkey gear up for the Jets game.

Judging from her reaction, it's clear the Jets are having yet another banner year.

Busy weekends equal tired monkeys. Time for bed.
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